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Professional Gear

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On call life

Each photo is edited for top quality as well as color/tone/mood consistency

I keep up on the latest and greatest gear; I'm constantly upgrading my equipment. Birth requires top-of-the-line equipment due to it's low light demands.

Calling past bedtime? Whenever you call me, I'll be there. Whenever you want me, I'll be there. Whenever you need me I'll be there. 

Download your photos with your smart phone,        all your favorites, and order prints to your door. 

Being a mama has its challenges and it truly takes a village. I'd love  for you to consider me a friend 

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Will my photos be shared on social media?

When and how should I pay?

When you book a $350 retainer is due up front to cover the cost of being on call. The remaining $1,290 will then be broken down into a custom payment plan. Payments can be made easily with a credit card though our secure online portal.

Sharing birth images can be amazing.  These images are empowering and have the potential to change the way our society views birth and motherhood. Even so, I fully respect families who wish to keep their birth images private. We will discuss privacy during our consultation giving you the ability to discuss what you prefer to share or not share. I always honor any requests for privacy.

I stay with you from 1 to 2 hours postpartum. After your little one has arrived I'll  stay to get pictures of the newborn exams as well as the moments of breastfeeding for the first time. If you would like me to stay longer (meeting siblings, grandparents, etc we can always add that to your package.)

How long will you stay?

The ideal time to arrive is when my client is in active labor. For most laboring mothers this is around 6 centimeters if your provider is doing cervical checks. If checks are not for you then I use emotional and physical cues that will give me an idea of your pattern of active contractions (being unable to speak or walk though contractions is for sure go time.)

When do you arrive?


I'm having a CESAREAN Section, will my hopsital Allow you to photograph? 

Yes! Having your birth documented will ultimately be up to your obstetrician and the anesthesiologist. It's helpful to speak with your OB ahead of time as they can help advocate for you with the anesthesiologist. From my experience the hospitals in NWOH want to help you achieve the birth you envision and are really willing to go the extra mile. If for some reason I am unable to accompany you into the operating room I will take photos before and after your baby is born. This means you'll still have all the emotional moments like skin-to-skin time and snuggling your baby for the first time captured.   

My birth sessions start at 1290
With my clients spending an average of 3500

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