I'm a Christ-loving mama livin'n on Starbucks frappuccinos in Temperance Michigan. Most of my time is spent with my two little girls attached at the hip (I used to put on two carriers just to get housework done!) They focus on finding adventures and I try to make everything a learning moment. This means most days I end up walking the plank. My goal is to raise them up to be awesome women of God while making good memories along the way.

I love all things outdoors and can often be found biking around Northwest Ohio with Mumford and Sons playing on my iPhone. I am a proud child of two fantasy-loving and book-devouring nerds. Since downtime seems virtually non-existent, I listen to audio books during my afternoon nap drive (I'm not the one napping).  I'm sure it comes to no surprise that lately I have a craving for all things business but I'm also dabbling in Waldorf schooling. 

I come from an empath mother and I too am sensitive to how others are feeling. I used to let this drain me but I've come to see it as a blessing. Being an empath means I'm a deeply sensitive person that is highly attuned to the emotions and energy of others. This really comes in handy when working with pregnant women and women in active labor! 

I have always had a fondness for all things art and grew up sketching for long increments of time. Throughout the year, I still hone my skills and  display my work for sale. There really is nothing like an evening art walk.

Then there are the days that I bust out my camera and document life. I'm semi obsessed with following my little ones around with my camera whether we are picking out fruit at the grocery store or making secret forts in the living room. They only look this way once! I missed out on capturing my favorite moments when my first daughter, Addy was a baby because I wanted everything to look perfect. When I look back at my camera phone pictures that I quickly snapped I wish I had taken a moment to use the "good camera" instead of reserving it for the perfect moments when we had it all together.

The all together moments are still rare (Addy had no shoes on when I walked into church this past Sunday). I am putting all I have into my days and most days that means wearing yoga pants and rock'n a mom bun with some mascara! These are the days and they are gone so quickly! 

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